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PLEASE NOTE. I do not use any download or streaming sites, because these do not support musicians. They boast of huge annual incomes (such as $100,000,000 a year turnover, approx. £77,000,000) and a musician must obtain thousands of streams before they qualify for just $3 (approx. £2.15p) which is just ripping of the efforts put into song writing, and creating music.


This needs to stop if creativity, and the subsequent music is to survive, so PMNC (Pay musicians not companies).


With speakers or headphones you can listen to each track.

You can purchase an MP3 Audio copy of the full recording for just $1 (one dollar, approx. £0.75p) which includes the PayPal commission. To do this please complete the form at the bottom, and press Submit. 

Copies of the VIDEOS can be purchased for just $2 each (two dollars, approx. £1.50p) and you will be emailed a link to enable your download once payment has cleared.


You will be sent an invoice, and once your payment has been received your track(s) will be emailed directly to you with a FREE .pdf file complementary copy of the lyric sheet so you can sing along if you wish. 

We are including a FREE .pdf file copy of the lyrics to each track being purchased as a thank you gift.