We are an independent production company under the name Music of Legend and the majority of our work is by way on the Internet, and through organisations that we are members of including PRS: BASCA and the ISA. Many of our productions have now received airplay across the World, and our songwriting partnerships extend as far away from the Uk as Barbados.


Every musical work in this respect is subject to an agreement regarding the total forecast cost that a client wishes to spend for each single song.

Our services will include full independent production: mixing and mastering of a final track(s). Delivery is normally by way of MP3.




Sometimes two heads are really better than one, and we will consider co-writing by adding the music and an arrangement to lyrics provided by a writing partner.



When creating demos of new original material, we will not work on or collaborate in any song that has lyrics containing any phrases that are crude etc.

Below you will find some short samples of our production ability. They are intended to provide an overview of the final mixes and instrument sounds, along with vocal recording that can be achieved here in Wiltshire. Using a very experienced vocalist with a wide range, and guitarist; we will endeavour to create a track right for your target.

Listen to the samples, because it is always best to hear what you can expect, and if this is not suitable for your requirements you are under no obligation to use us. If you just wish to have some MASTERING work to your stereo master mix we can assist you.


Please contact us to discuss and for further information.

We are not going to list herein the many facilities available here for production, but by using our services they become available to you. Suffice it to say, combined they are very good, and more than capable of creating an adequate master recording of your music composition. 

You are welcome to email an MP3 demo of your idea, or lyrics and we will then come back to you. We will provide a quotation for work prior to starting any production, and a simple contract to be exchanged that includes terms and conditions. Payments can be made various ways including via PayPal.

We do not provide a commercial studio facility for the general public, so scheduling is far easier as we do not have to work around studio bookings. We will be quite honest and tell you if what you present is not suitable for our involvement, so we do not waste your time and money. If we refuse, you do not have to give up at this point, it is based purely on our opinion. You can always try to work with another studio or production company, and should do so.



A French style original musical instrumental piece submitted for TV series

French Collection

Cover of Roy Orbison - In the Real World 

Real World

Cover of Roy Orbison - Walk On   

Walk On

Cover of a Barry Manilow song - Mandy


Please, do check our testimonials, and there are further snippets of original songs and productions available from the album Something Old, Something New by following the link from the HOME PAGE.


We are able to offer an  independent production of music videos under the name Music of Legend and the majority of our work is by way on the Internet.

If you are a musician that would like a better video of your original music performance to help build your fan base, we may be bale to assist you. Please contact us for further information.