Music of Legend Production

Graham Adcock submitted two new songs to me for production. These were 'Your Best Bet' that he wanted to be produced in the style of Roy Orbison, and another song titled 'Whatever You Wish.'  Graham provided me with a set of lyrics with guitar chords, and a rough demo.


The songs were completed and sent to Graham. ‘Your Best Bet’ recorded as you suggested in the style of Roy Orbison. 


From Graham,

David. Brilliant!

I love it!

Your best bet

Second track ‘Whatever you wish.’



Another great track, done with loving care.

A great treatment.



Hi David, Love the tracks but I do think the second one (EP) is slightly more listenable. I think your voice is good and suits the song. I take on board about the title, I think you are right and I will change it.

Best wishes, Graham


Graham provided me with a set of lyrics with guitar chords, and a previous (quite difficult to hear) recording of the his song titled 'Bonnie Parker bit the dust.' The song had a potentially catchy chorus. With the final track I suggested changing the title to make use of the hook within the chorus and Graham agreed. The new title suggested is 'IF YOU COULD READ MY HEART.' 


Contact him at graham.adcock@hotmail.com


If you could read my heart


SAMUEL ROCK (Barbados)


David my friend. You sure surprised me with your quick return. I like the results. Feel free to make changes to anything I may send.

Regards,  ROCKY


Samuel is an 85 year old writer based in Barbados, West Indies. He has been song writing since the 1950's, and sent me several of his lyrics; I really liked those for IDEAS IN YOUR EYES.


I started from scratch with this music, but composed a melody, and then the arrangement grew into a lovely ballad. I particularly like the acoustic guitar solo using my original blue label Epiphone Cortez that I won in 1962. Well done to Rocky, and I look forward to working with him again soon.

Ideas in your eyes

If you are a singer looking for a particular song why not let me know, and maybe either myself or in collaboration we can come up with something suitable for you.